Latest Home Decor Trends For The Year 2020

Hinan Ahmad

Posted on March 10 2020

Home Decor Trends for the year 2020

2020 is just around the corner and that means there's lots of new trends which are coming up and old trends going out !
It's time to shop for some new furniture online  and keep up with the latest trends ! Buying online furniture couldn't be easier with Notbrand !
Notbrand is offering not only stylish and high quality furniture, but also cheap furniture online.

It's not just the end of the year but it's the end of the decade ! New decade with new trends and styles are coming up for sure.

One thing we need to keep up to date with our fashion trends is home and interior trends, because we all know how important and how much home decor has upgraded.

It's time to adapt to the designs of the new decade. So how will the home environment evolve this year?

Lets have a look at what Notbrand home decor and furnishers believe will make their way into the consumer's homes within the new year Twenty-twenty!


Velvet has always has always been comfy and luxury looking at the same time. In the year 2020 we are going to be seeing a lot of velvet around.
What could be better than cosy comfy velvet interior added to your home for you to enjoy your favorite netflix show on? Notbrand has been one of the most best quality and best priced online furniture store providing amazing velvet sofas.
Pick yourself a vibrant color and add a new coach this year!




This year we are going way too far with the dark colors. Darker rooms always have this classy look that draws the most attention. Notbrand has predicted that the year 2020 will have a lot of dark interior. Whether it's dark walls, dark furniture or dark decor, you can go for making the whole room black and definitely will work.
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Mixed metals might have been gone from the interior trends in the 2010 decade but now we've come to know that they're turning back ! Yes, solid metals are making an entry and we are in LOVE !
Gold, silver,copper, tin , you name it ! We're going for all sorts of metals but you'll just need to make sure it's kept in balance.




Bone Inlay, that speaks for itself. It is the most unique furniture and surely makes an impression on the one who sees it. But making sure you are using it the right way for your interior could be tricky. By talking to one of notbrand's representatives, they'll not only show their wide collection of bone inlay furniture but also help you out to choose the right one according to your space.

There's a huge range of Bone Inlay available at Notbrand so you can buy furniture online by just a single tap by sitting at home.



Geometric patterns are going to be all over the place this year! They work best to make anything look more modern.
It could be added in lights, trays, tables, decor or even the wallpaper. Pick a corner of the house where you want the interior a little bold and add some Geometric patterns to that however you prefer. You can go for geometric wallpaper, trays, walls or even throws. The corner with bold designs and geometric patterns is definitely going to make a statement.

Notbrand is an online furniture store that has a range of many home decor products as well.


Black never seems to disappoint, I mean what doesn't look better in black There's going to be a lot of black for us to see in 2020. Not only combinations & contrasts, but you can also go for black furniture, along with the decor and even the walls!
Black also gives a very classy and expensive look to any home decor, but Notbrand is offering extremely attractive and unique cheap online furniture with affordable prices.



Last but not least Fur! naaah, it never gets old. Fur has always made a beautiful addition to home decor. Remember not to go over the top with fur or it could ruin the look. Add just about 1 or 2 items with fur to your bedroom or living room and look the difference it makes.
Notbrand predicts that fur might have been in for a while, but it's not going out yet and is entering 2020 with us all!

Buying online furniture in Australia has become so easy now as there's so many options all over the internet on different online stores and Notbrand is one that offers cheap furniture online in Australia.

New year, New beginnings! Happy New Year 2020 !




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