Medium Brass Armillary Sphere - 280mm

Medium Brass Armillary Sphere - 280mm

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Partnering the world globes are our armillary spheres. Like their cousin the celestial globe, these were vital navigation tools of old sea captains and pirates, using the stars above and their relationship to the Sun or Earth to chart their journey, not across but around the oceans and seas of the world.

The armillary sphere originated in ancient Greece, where it was used primarily as a teaching instrument, although bigger versions were used as observational tools. Originally, the sphere in the center of the instrument represented the Earth, according to the Ptolemaic model of the universe, but as the Copernican model grew more influential, the sphere came to represent the sun. Often, armillary spheres were built in pairs, with one representing each model, to teach the differences between the two.

From the late medieval period, numerous artistic representations have survived that show the South Pole extending downwards to form a handle. That style of armillary sphere persisted through to the early modern era, but in the 16th and 17th centuries, it became more common for them to be built with stands and cradles along with a horizon ring.


  • Materials: Brass, wood
  • Key Attributes: Hand Crafted,  Decorative, Antique  Finish
  • Uses: Home Decor, Gift, Souvenir, Collectable, History, Art and Craft
  • Product Weight: 1.25 kg

Product Dimensions: 190 DIA x 280 H mm