US Navy Mark V Diving Helmet - Dark Antique

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There’s something ominous, almost intimidating in the grandiose size and shape of the diver’s helmets first designed and used in the middle of the 19th century. Is it the lack of observable features of the diver beneath it?

The arrogance of human invention in forging a miniature topside atmosphere in a bubble of copper, brass, or other steels, materials known for their heavy weight and mass! Or is it these helmets and their matching suits symbolize the human urge to go where we are not supposed to and do there what shouldn’t be done, our need to be the master of not just our domain but the god that controls and understands everything as far as our (telescopic, electronic) eyes can see? Food for thought.

 Regardless, with its life-size scale, kilos of shiny brass, authentic craftsmanship, and antique styling, a Vintage World Australia’s Divers Helmet is an eye-catching slice (or, more accurately, slab) of pioneering history in any setting. Give it pride of place in the company foyer, the boardroom, or the Director’s office at work. Or place it amongst your vintage collection at home and watch the eyes of your guests widen as they take in the show-stopping beauty of what could just be the greatest gift idea ever for someone with a passion for the sea and ocean, battling an obsession with man’s history of expedition and knowledge seeking, or for that person who just likes beautiful, meaningful things.

Uncommon, Unique, and Priceless gifts for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.


  • Pack Contents: Helmet
  • Materials: Combination of various metals, Magnifying Glass
  • Key Attributes: Full Size, Hand Made, Vintage Antique Brass Finish, Magnifying Glass Viewing Window
  • Uses: Home Décor, Gift,  Souvenir, Collectable, History, Art and Craft.


  • Product Dimensions: 360W x 450D x 420H mm approx.
  • Product Weight: 5.55 kg approx