US Navy Mark V Diving Helmet with Solid Wooden Base

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A full-size vintage Mark V diving helmet, as used by US Navy through World Wars I and II, right up until the 1980s. This model is a replica of the iconic, copper and brass classic, ready for display on a solid wood base (BLACK COLOR).

There’s something astonishing, almost intimidating about the size, weight and shape of these diving helmets. Is it the lack of observable features of the diver within? Or, is it that they symbolize the human urge to go where we are not supposed to and do there what shouldn’t be done, our need to be the master of all our domain?

Regardless, with its life-size scale, authentic craftsmanship and antique styling, our reproduction US Navy Mark V diving helmets are an eye-catching slice (or, more accurately, slab) of pioneering history. Give it pride of place in the company foyer, the boardroom or the director’s office at work. This awe-inspiring, conversation starter will take pride of place amongst your vintage collection at home.


  • Pack Contents: Helmet on solid wooden base
  • Colour: Copper & Brass, Light wood
  • Materials: Copper, Brass & various Metals, Glass, Wood
  • Key Attributes: Hand Made, Vintage Antique Brass Finish, Magnifying Glass Viewing Window
  • Uses: Home Decor, Gift,  Souvenir, Collectable, History, Art and Craft
  • Weight: 7.90 kg (Approx)

Dimensions: 470(L) x 380(W) x 480(H) mm (Approx)

    Disclaimer: All of our items are handmade (HANDCRAFTED) by master artisans who employ techniques (TOOLS) and traditions that are often centuries old. Some natural blemishes or imperfections are to be expected. These are not product flaws. Instead, they are precisely what make these pieces so extraordinary and beautiful.