7 Ways to make your Bedroom look Bigger

Hinan Ahmad

Posted on June 08 2020

7 Ways to make your Bedroom look Bigger


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Luckily, there are actually a bunch of tips and tricks that can make your bedroom look way bigger than it really is. Here are 7 awesome ways to make your bedroom look bigger than the size it actually is.

1. Use Light Colors

Make sure the color of the walls is something light. The reason behind this is that light colors will reflect the light which will make it look brighter. Darker colors absorb light and make rooms look smaller so always avoid dark colors when you’re picking one for a room that’s already small in size.

2. Paint Ceilings Darker

Paint the ceiling of your bedroom a dark color but keep the walls light. This technique attracts you to look upwards and gives the illusion of making the bedroom look higher and bigger of course.

3. Hang Long Curtains

Hanging long curtains, from floor to ceiling length is another cool trick which is used to create an illusion. Even if the size of your bedroom window is small, try to use curtains that hang from near the ceiling to the floor. This will definitely make your room look bigger.

4. Spread light evenly

Relying completely on one overhead light will make your room look dull and small. You can use some lamps to spread the light around the bedroom evenly and that will surely make it look bigger. The even light will create the illusion and so will the distraction to look around the room at different sources of light make it look like there’s a good amount of space. Placing lamps on your bedside tables could be the best idea for making this trick work.

 5. Use Mirrors

Mirrors have to be the ultimate illusion! Any place in the house looks too small or congested? Add a mirror and watch the difference.
We’d suggest if your room is quite small, adding a big mirror to the wall or having a mirror cupboard is the best solution. Not only do mirrors reflect light, but they also create depth.

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6. Hidden Storage

One of the best space saving ideas is always under the bed. Try to get yourself a bed with storage cupboards made so you can keep things there without making them take too much space. Hidden storage will always keep the room more organized, neat and clean which will make it look more airy and big.

7. Avoid Excessive Furniture

There’s no need for every single piece of furniture to go in the bedroom. For instance for a very small bedroom, it’s not necessary to have Two bedside tables, One will look fine, actually better because it’ll look more spacious.
There may be a lot of furniture that’s taking too much space but not necessary to be there.
Try to avoid excessive furniture and remember that less furniture will always make your bedroom look bigger.
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Try out these ways and see if it works, rearrange the furniture, add some shelves and keep it clean. You can make your small bedroom look a lot bigger than the actual size just by using these simple tips.  Hope they work out for you!

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