Bone Inlay / Mother of Pearls

 The Bone Inlay Luxury range of Indian furniture is not only modern but also keeps a history of centuries old traditions that create remarkable textures and finishing from that time. The complete Bone Inlay furniture is very practical, stylish, attractive and of course pure glamour. This art was founded in a state of Northern India - Rajasthan in order to please the royals. The craftsmen would carefully shape the pieces of Camel bone into stunning patterns very precisely which would then be set into resins of different colours to create an incredibly beautiful effect.(Camels were not harmed in this process at all, the bones used were from those who died due to natural causes) The exact same technique had then also be done with Mother of Pearl and this would create a very similar result but with a  distinct texture. 

Notbrand is  offering a vast range of Bone Inlay & Mother of Pearl Furniture to suit your choice. We can customize your chosen pieces to suit your decor and can modify size, design and colour the way you dream of it to be like. If you don't find what you are after, send us the picture with your requirement and we will specially make it for you.

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Paolo Bone Inlay Coffee Table in Floral Design with Brass Polished Base

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