Qilaq Vintage Taxi Horn - Brass

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A horn is a sound-making device that can be equipped for motor vehicles, buses, bicycles, and other types of vehicles. The taxi horn is one of the simplest brass instruments having no valves or other pitch-altering devices. The sound made usually resembles a “honk”.

The vehicle operator uses the horn to warn others of the vehicle’s approach or the presence or to call attention to some hazard. Motor vehicles, ships, and trains are required by law in some countries to have horns. Like trams, trolley cars, and streetcars, bicycles are also legally required to have an audible warning device in many areas, but not universally, and not always a horn. In 1899, France became the first country with laws requiring cars to come equipped with horns.

You won’t need to toot your own horn once you own this vintage-style, eye-catching beauty. The bulb taxi horn is made from lustrous brass and comes with the old-time black bulb.  The Taxi Horn is a nostalgic re-imagining of those used for a brief window in the early history of automobiles. The iconic bulb horn has been played by orchestras since the 1940s and YES IT DOES TOOT.

This whimsical item is perfect for adding a new dimension to your musical practice, calling in the kids or attaching to a bike to get pesky pedestrians out of the way.


    • Materials: Brass & rubber
    • Key Attributes: Hand Crafted, Decorative, Polished Brass Finish
    • Uses: Home Decor, Gift, Souvenir, Collectable, History, Art, and Craft.
    • Weight: 350 gm (Approx)


    • Product Dimensions: 150 DIA x 410L mm (Approx)

    Disclaimer: All of our items are handmade (HANDCRAFTED) by master artisans who employ techniques (TOOLS) and traditions that are often centuries old. Some natural blemishes or imperfections are to be expected. These are not product flaws. Instead, they are precisely what make these pieces so extraordinary and beautiful.